IABYN - it's all b*ll*cks, you know


You've arrived at this page either because:
  • you want to hire me as a consultant and are interested in understanding me as a person too: in which case mind your own business.
  • You are an old school friend and are looking for compromising photos: in which case bog off.

I was brought up in London, but moved to Sheffield to do my degree and PhD, and have remained there ever since.

My chief hobby is computing...computing and walking...walking and computing.... My two hobbies are walking and computing...and amateur dramatics. My three hobbies are walking, computing and amateur dramatics...and an almost fanatical devotion to Monty Python. My four...no.... Amongst my hobbies are such elements as walking, computing.... I'll come in again.

Actually the above is a lie. I enjoy walking in the Peak District, but never actually get round to it.

Actually, my chiefest chief hobby at the moment is fixing bugs in the Perl 5 interpreter. This is a really fantastic Open Source progamming language, in case you didn't know. (And if you didn't know, you probably didn't want to either).

I'm a vegan, which is all about being kind to small furry mammals.
Or something.

Oh by the way, the Church of Scientology is a very dangerous cult who abuse the legal system to destroy their opponents. Beware!

Finally, here's the compromising photo.

(c) David Mitchell